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ZazzyKid Educational Time Learning Clock for Students – 5 Clocks per Pack – 7 x 8 Inches Cardboard Clock – Learn and Practice What Time is It – Write & Wipe Surface with Erasable Markers

Zazzykid is an educational resources company that combines design, production, and after-sales service.

Zazzykid’s founder is the mother of a 6 year old child. Like most mothers, she greeted her child with simple expectations and gratitude, but with a strong desire to help her child through the formative early learning years pre- and beginning school. Having lived through the experience of raising and teaching a child herself, she has a great understanding of what benefits both parent and child during these formative years. Coupled with a background in educational products, she created tools that helped both her, and her child, enjoy learning in a positive and fun way.

ZazzyKid is committed to bringing safe, high quality learning tools to parents and children worldwide. Our toys and educational tools help children learn basic life skills through teaching as well as play. ZazzyKid products make learning fun and easy, and provide an easy way for parents, and teachers, to actively engage in the learning process with their children.

This product contains:

5 x learning clocks 7″ x 8″

5 x erasable markers

Making the Most of your Teaching Clock:

1.Use the movable hands on the clock face to teach child how to read an analog clock.

2. Ask the child to use the erasable marker to write the time on the digital time box to match the analog clock.

3. You could also set the digital time first, then ask the child to move the clock hands to show the corresponding time on the analog clock.

4. Discover more ways to interact with your child using the teaching clock. We’d love you to share your ideas and feedback with us! We believe that both teacher and students will have fun and experience practical benefits from the time spent using this Time Learning Clock.

5. Our Learning Clock is a great teaching aid. Zazzykid also has a corresponding Teaching Clock (SKU # ZK002) which is suitable for Teachers & Parents.

This Educational Learning Clocks help Pupils learn and reinforce how to tell the time. Kids would also learn some math skills from learning of the time and develop some calculation skills.
This Time Learning Clocks provide both analog and digital concepts of time. The analog clock hands can be moved to any position – very easy to demonstrate and learn the concepts of hours, minutes, before, after etc.
Time Learning Cardboard Clocks are with Movable plastic clock hands with Coded colors to avoid confusion of the “Minute” and the “Hour”. Write and Wipe surface and markers allowing kids to write down the digital time and reuse to practice.
Clocks measures 7″x8″. It’s very easy to go into children’s backpack / schoolbag. Each pack contains 5 learning clocks and 5 erasable markers.
It’s ideal for ages 5+ students / pupils in elementary school. Great teaching aids for teachers. Coordinate with ZazzyKid Demonstration Time Teaching Clock would be perfect!

Price: $9.34
(as of Aug 07,2019 10:53:37 UTC – Details)

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